Getting closer

Whoops. I ended up finding my passport at work of all places. I’d taken a folder to my work orientation session with me and stuck my passport in it, and brought that folder to the office and stored it in the locker where I keep my work-issued MacBook Pro (*siiiigh* my next home machine will totally be a Mac), where it’s been collecting dust for the last five months. On a whim, and at the general suggestion of my boss, I decided to check it, and voila! That’s a big load off, for sure.

And the trip is looming. I’ll be in Texas in two weeks–in Houston for two days, visiting my aunt, then to Austin for SXSW Interactive, then off to Japan! Among the letters I’ve received recently was one from one of my dearest eikaiwa ladies, who finally wrote down her e-mail address for me. I’m hoping to stay with her and/or one other lady for a few days, with my JTE the night before graduation, and with friends the rest of the time. I’ll definitely need to get a prepaid phone at Kansai Airport to keep up with everyone–hopefully it won’t be too expensive.

And the apartment hunt has been dragging on and on…but as of today, I think it’s finally coming to a close. There’s a gated condominium complex just down the street from my office that has a couple of very promising units. The area’s safe, my office is 5 minutes away on foot, and there are numerous grocery stores and restaurants and even a public library and a MARTA rail station within reasonable walking distance (woo, easy airport access! Much better than driving 1-2 hours to Takamatsu or Tokushima’s airports, or traveling five hours to Kansai Airport outside Osaka). All I can say is it’s about damn time. Holy crap, man.

And Genna’s flying into Atlanta tomorrow, and Japan Night #2 is on for this weekend! Have any of you been to Momo-ya in Buckhead? My Japanese teacher cautioned me that it may not be the most authentic experience…but at least we’re doing karaoke afterwards. You can’t get much more authentic than that.

So in the next two weeks, I’m hoping to move, unpack and repack (which will be a challenge; it’s warm in Texas and snowing in Tokushima), buy a ton of omiyage, dust off my camera (or buy a new one…), and ship out. I’m feeling pretty genki about this next month, and really looking forward to the changes and new beginnings and reflection it will bring.

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