More on jetlag

I’m really getting tired of waking up at 6 AM sharp daily and then totally conking out around 1-2 PM every single day for several hours. No matter what I do, I can’t keep myself awake, and this has happened nearly every single day since I got back. It’s nearly 6 PM and I’m still groggy–I went into my parents’ room and sat down on the bed and turned the TV on, and two hours later I woke up when my mom came in and shook me awake. I just got off the phone with Jen, who’s been in town since Thursday and is flying out tomorrow, and who I might get to meet up with tonight, and I was stumbling all over myself with grogginess- (and long-time-since-my-last-long-phone-conversation-)induced awkwardness. Hopefully I’ll be more awake if we do indeed get to do something tonight.

I’m definitely glad that I can finally get out and start meeting up with friends. I may see her tonight (and at least I could talk to her!), I’m seeing Ethan tomorrow…it’ll be nice to be social again. But they both have kept up with this blog pretty regularly, so it’s funny that I now have to kind of be careful not to be too repetitive–that’s the downfall of writing so much in here these past couple of years.

I wonder how much of this is jetlag-induced, but Japan is feeling like a kind of strange dream. I really can’t believe that it was only several days ago that I left! It feels like I’ve been in Atlanta for a really long time, if not forever. I’ve just snapped back into my old routine as if I’d never left. I’m looking forward to building some new ones that build off the routines I made for myself in Japan. Mom encouraged me to keep up my Japanese studies and to go for the JLPT level 2. I think I should register, and try to be ambitious. I know I won’t do nearly as well as I would have last year while I was still in Japan, but it’d be good motivation to keep trying, and maybe I can find language partners or groups to join where I can keep the language up.

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