This doesn’t bode well for the week

I’m off to a great start on this trip so far. (No sarcasm whatsoever.) I got to the bus terminal at 7:52 for my 8:00 bus, and went for my wallet to buy a bottle of water–only to realize that 1. my wallet wasn’t in my backpack, and 2. the bottom-most zipper on the front of the bag, which opened onto the main section of the bag, had fallen open.

I managed to get a refund processed on my bus ticket JUST in time–as I talked to them about it, the Kobe-bound bus pulled in. I retraced my steps back to the apartment, wondering what I would do if someone had made away with my wallet or where to look in case someone had found it and turned it in.

In an incredible stroke of luck, it had fallen out in my genkan (entranceway to my apartment). I can catch a 9 AM train to Okayama and a shinkansen over to Kobe and arrive only a half-hour after this bus would have, and still not be in any danger of missing my flight.

It sucks, because I was hoping to get 3 solid hours of sleep on the bus (or as solid as you can get on a bus ride) after pulling an all-nighter to clean my apartment, and now that I’m back I’m fading fast. But I can sleep for an hour and a half on the train to Okayama, keep myself awake for 3 hours to get food and get myself to Kobe Airport, and then I can sleep another 2 on the plane to Sapporo.

Have a good week, guys!

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