No longer in danger of mooching off my parents

I’ve been in the middle of an interview process with a company in suburban Atlanta. The interviews have gone pretty well so far, and we’ve had some good conversations–they seem like a great group of people with a lot of mutual respect, and it’s a successful company as well.

I had a day-long headache yesterday that just refused to go away (I took a half-day off work and had to skip the enkai of my 1.5-day shougakkou, which I honestly regretted), and when I was well enough to finally get up and make and eat dinner, my stomach started bothering me too. When the time for the interview came around, I had to ask the guy if he was up for rescheduling, which he was very cool about.

I woke up this morning (after sleeping about 10 hours, which means I’ve slept around 14 hours out of the last 24), and had an job offer in my inbox! They decided the fifth interview wasn’t necessary after all, after how well the four so far have gone. I’ll be calling them tonight to discuss the details of the offer.

I’m really glad I’ve taken today off to get my affairs in order. I’m planning on packing a lot, going in to my BOE to discuss stuff with my boss, and driving out to the city to ship some packages (and treat myself to something very indulgent), before I make the call about the job. YES!

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