While at the travel agency

We played Jeopardy! with both the second-year classes today, and it was a pretty big hit, though somehow, there was one team in each class that either only scored at the very end or who we had to help along with scoring. It was fun, though. I think we’ll be doing something similar for the last first-year class next week, and I have to come up with something for them tomorrow, too.

I just booked my plane tickets for my July/August Hokkaido-Tohoku trip today. I’m flying into Sapporo and out of Sendai, and I have about 7.5 days up there. Now, what to do to fill the time…

While I was at the agency, a British family of about 6 came in–the daughter spoke some Japanese and was the appointed speaker, and the father was fidgeting (there was a lot of nervous tension in the air, from both the family and the train station/travel agency staff) and knocked over one of those tall metal brochure stands, which hit me as it fell. It didn’t hurt me or anything, and I got up to help pick up the fallen brochures. He apologized and asked if I was okay, and I replied that I was fine and asked if he was okay–and then realized as soon as the words left my mouth that that actually sounded pretty rude, when I really was just checking to make sure the stand didn’t hit him or he didn’t trip or anything like that.

Also while I was at the agency, a kind of scruffy-looking guy was waiting in line to buy train tickets at the adjoining counter. I suddenly heard a shriek and a burst of excited laughter and chattering, and I saw several high school girls staring at him and freaking out. They and a boy they were hanging out with rushed over to the guy, gushing over him and giddily shaking his hand. I asked the staff a few minutes later, and it turns out he was some kind of famous comedian or something. It’s funny how celebrity is such a non-universal trait. I’m well past the point that I would go into freak-out mode if I saw a celebrity, because when it comes down to it, the only thing separating them from us “common folk” is widespread attention (and occasionally, hopefully, some kind of cool talent/skill).

Well, anyway. It’s evening now. I’m still trying to finalize my first-year lesson plan for tomorrow, and my second cake for tomorrow just finished up. I have two major elementary school sayounara lessons to deliver tomorrow; I foresee it being another very draining day.

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