The end is in sight

Sorry, been a while…I’ve been a bit busy, with packing, trying to get all my photos online, and the like.

To the former Miyoshi-gun ALT who posted a really kind comment a few weeks ago: thank you so much! I responded in that comment box itself, so please visit the June archive (from the dropdown to the left) and check it out. My time is short or I’d repeat what I wrote there in an entry.

My final classes begin next week. After two years of teaching, here I am. This is feeling very strange and surreal right now. I have 3 final elementary classes and 4 final junior high classes, and the following week should see the remaining 1+4 final elementary classes (visiting school plus base elementary school) and my final junior high class. My JTE’s asked me to prepare whatever I’d like for my final classes, and I’m really finding myself at a loss, in part because I’ve never really planned a junior high class before (the last one resulted in a fight and a broken window), and in part because…how do you adequately sum all this up?

I’m equally at a loss for my final elementary classes, and I’m totally used to planning those every week. Some schools have requested that I bring my violin and play for them, and I want to figure out a way to integrate that well, so I’m not just playing at them, but so they’re actually doing something, like dancing or something.

It’s also coming up on time for the final speeches. I need to work on those this week–today, even, while I have my JTE here to help me.

Our big prefecture-wide sayounara party is this weekend, and the westie sayounara party was this past weekend. I only teared up at one point last weekend, but I can foresee lots of tears in the next couple of weeks. I’ll arm myself with tissues and hope for the best.

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