Green light

We got the notification today that the new Ikeda ALT’s reply form came in. Caitlin, check your e-mail!

I took a half-day today because I woke up with a headache that refused to go away–the same headache I had yesterday, even–so I went to the doctor, who immediately declared that I’ve spent too much time lately staring at screens. (After Star Wars last weekend…yeah.) However, today’s the day I need to finish working on my vegetarian speech for tomorrow, so after I drugged my headache away, I took my laptop in to my BOE for several hours in the afternoon and my boss very kindly helped me out with every question I fired her way, and she’s offered to go over it with me tomorrow to make sure my Japanese is okay. I’m so glad she’s coming to hear this tomorrow–it’ll be nice to have a familiar and friendly face in the crowd, because I really am getting nervous now!

I didn’t get a chance to put together any kind of handout for the people (I would’ve had to send it over today for the woman to make copies of), which I now regret; it would’ve been good to mention things like world stats on vegetarianism, and how bacon/sausage/ham/etc. aren’t meat, [EDIT–got that mixed up: they ARE meat, but they aren’t seen as meat in Japan] in something they can take with them. I hope they take notes, because I really hope this makes an impact and that people will remember this.

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