Just like college, right down to the procrastination

So I wasted a lot of time online earlier, then went out for a few hours–to get some gelato because it was a hot day (not like I needed that…but anyway), and then to the Kurozou Marshlands, which I’ve seen signs for all over town but have never visited (gorgeous–beautiful, pristine, calm, and wonderful natural scenery, with amazing-smelling trees, nestled right up in the mountains in a secluded niche a 40-minute drive away from the “hustle and bustle” of “downtown” Ikeda; I got there late in the day so I couldn’t spend a ton of time there, but I’ll definitely be back). And then I had a headache, again, so I came home and rested my eyes for an hour and a half.

Anyway, that’s the reason why I haven’t started on this vegetarian speech yet. I have an outline in my mind, but now I need to go find facts, statistics, and anecdotes to flesh it out, and put together a worksheet. All in Japanese. At 9 PM the night before I need to have this ready to go, so I can minimize the amount of help my super-busy boss will need to give me, and so I can e-mail the handout to the coordinator so she can print it out. Man, I wish I’d studied Japanese regularly this past year, or kept up a Japanese-language blog, or something.

Oh yeah–for anyone who may care, the article Andrew had asked me to write on kousa/Asian Dust for Awa Life, the monthly Tokushima foreigner community newsletter, is online in the May 2007 PDF, on page 4. Whee, I’ve been published!

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