This is really annoying

Still sick, for the record.

I did end up taking yesterday off, and I’m glad I did because I was a lot worse than I’d been on Wednesday. Yesterday evening, I walked 10-15 minutes to the post office, 5 minutes round-trip to the 100-yen store to buy some bubble wrap, 2 minutes back from the post office to the grocery store, and then 10 minutes home from there. (By the way, Mom and Dad, keep an eye out for a parcel coming your way–belated birthday/Mother’s Day presents.)

When I initially arrived at the post office I already felt ridiculously fatigued. When I came home, I ate something and then went to bed by 8 PM. I woke up this morning at 7.

I figured I would at least try to go into work. Less than an hour later, my head started spinning and I was still coughing a lot and had bad cold symptoms, so I came home, less than 30 minutes before my community conversation classes were set to start.

Now I’m home, and I feel much better! My coughing’s all but stopped and I can more or less breathe through my nose. My head still feels a bit funky, but I don’t feel dizzy or queasy the way I did at work. I feel like I could handle 2 hours of community classes, though I’m still feeling the fatigue.

I think I’m allergic to work.

Apparently the 11 hours of sleep I got last night weren’t enough, so I’m going to lie down again. I’m really hoping that if I rest and medicate myself like crazy today, I can be back on my feet tomorrow so I can go into the city to get some stuff done and then go to a couple of parties tomorrow night. This week has kind of turned into Golden Week’s evil twin–I get Thursday and Friday off, but it’s not nearly as fun.

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