I’ve been a little sick over the last couple of days. I think it’s the really abrupt change of weather we’ve had; last week I still had to take a pullover with me, and today it was 33 degrees Celsius. I had cold symptoms (some medicine took care of those), but I still have a cough, and I feel perpetually exhausted and fatigued. Ironically, I actually feel considerably worse at work, and it’s not just a psychological thing. In the car and in my staffroom today I was having issues keeping my eyes open or moving if I didn’t have to, but when I left a couple of hours early and came home to rest, I felt much better as soon as I walked through the door of my apartment.

I took a nap, and now I feel sluggish instead of flat-out exhausted, and I still have my cough. If I’m still down like this tomorrow, I’m going to call in sick and go to the doctor. I was hoping resting up would help, but evidently not. I’m also really not looking forward to dragging myself through three back-to-back-to-back classes tomorrow where I have to be twice as energetic to motivate the really little kids to join in, when I have less than half the energy I usually do.

The big bummer is that I’m too tired to do anything around my apartment, like do any serious cleaning/scrubbing. I wouldn’t mind getting that out of the way, but it’s so easy just to be lazy, especially when you’re sick with something perpetuating that. I also should pull out my violin and start rehearsing stuff for the open mic we’re hoping to do at Paparagi in Mikamo next month, and I should start working on Sindya and Hemant’s design commission, or even on the redesign of this site, or on hammering out the faulty CSS (which did work and now doesn’t) on

The other big bummer is that this all means I can’t sing or groove along to any music right now! My sore throat is messing with my pitch and vibrato (not that I’m some virtuoso singer, but I do enjoy it, especially on long car rides and commutes, and I think I’m an all right singer), and I don’t have the energy to hold out long notes. Maybe I should go see the doctor tomorrow…

At least I had some chickpeas with yogurt and dill tonight. It was refreshing and I feel very Mediterranean now (is that even possible? Sort of along the lines of, “I am feeling very Olympic today” from Cool Runnings, or something), but not quite refreshing enough. Grrr.

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