Rugby and geeks

Oh, yeah, it’s my 5th anniversary of being a US citizen today. It’s ironic that I’m not even living in the US right now. It was cool being an Indian citizen for most of my life, though of course I identify more with living in the US, but I heard that there was a movement to make all Indians all across the world automatically dual-citizens. That would be wonderful if it happened in our lifetimes–it’d facilitate much easier travel to and from India, for one, and it’s just something cool to claim, that you’re a dual-citizen.

Rugby was fun yesterday–I was going to go today, but I was really tired from yesterday evening. Anyway, as of yesterday, Su-Touch-I, Tokushima’s team, had won one game, tied one, and lost two. It was fun going out there and hanging out with people and cheering our team on, and enjoying the gorgeous day. The mountains from Mima/Mino are so beautiful.

After the tournament ended for the day, we prepared for the huge barbecue. The people who were assigned to cut onions conveniently didn’t, leaving the unfortunate task up to us. I helped out for an hour by chopping and slicing onions with Joey, Pickles, and Kim-chan. Did you know that if you put your tongue on the roof of your mouth, you don’t suffer so much from the onion fumes?

I didn’t think ahead enough to realize that I would totally reek of onions for the rest of the night, especially since I wasn’t staying for the barbecue but heading out east to hang out with people, so I ran home, changed and put on nice-smelling powders and stuff…but it’s been a day and I’ve washed my hands 7 or 8 times since then and even showered and they still kind of smell like onions.

I got to Kiet’s place around 7, and Genna and Victor arrived not too long after, and we kicked off what ended up being a really, really fun evening. I love hanging out with sciency, geeky types (Genna double-majored in English and genetics, and Victor majored in computer science, and I think Kiet majored in an interdisciplinary degree like mine and is fairly computer-savvy), and being with them made me feel like I was back in university; well-rounded scientists are my soulmates. Star Wars and Pirates of Dark Water and geology (because of a Japanese natural-disaster flick we watched, Nihon Chinbotsu/”Japan sinks”) were all discussed at length, during dinner and our subsequent 3-hour poker game.

Seriously, what a great evening.

We wrapped up around 1 AM, and I crashed there and left around 9:30 because Kiet was going hiking. I’ve been pretty zonked out all day, so I’ve just been lazing around my apartment, meaning to clean and doing no such thing.

I did, however, begin the online transition of the AJET officers, adding the proper permissions to this year’s new folks (Jill, Pickles, Josh, and Victor as webmaster) and posting that I’d be removing permissions from this past year’s people this week, and requesting to change ownership of the account. It’s a shame to have to end it…with the exception of moderating childish outbursts on occasion, I’ve really enjoyed it.

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