Walking zombie

Thoroughly exhausted. Twelve hours of rehearsal and prop-building today, and seven hours of prop building yesterday, and another full day tomorrow. This week, I have to…

  • finish painting, and properly air out, the used motorcycle helmet we’re using for my robot costume
  • get paint and brushes (or just spray paint), and cardboard boxes, and make my robot costume
  • work on my face covering for my NET costume
  • strengthen my already-weak back, since I’ll have to be bent at about a 90-degree angle from the waist in order to adequately play Monstro the Shark (originally a whale, but a shark’s more doable for our purposes)
  • finish the programme
  • work out where to print the programme for our first performances next weekend
  • do sound mixing

I also have to do the graduation certificates for all my 6th graders and plan an end-of-year class–probably variation of the music/dance class I did last winter, to go out on a fun note. I’ve been rushing on phonics to have as much of the BogglesWorld initial sound worksheets done by next week, to save the following for my final 6 lessons.

I broke the news Tuesday to my Double-Length School of Doom. The principal wasn’t there, but the others were all surprised and saddened to hear the news, and the kids were especially adorable and outgoing that day, as if to rub salt in the sound that I would be giving up such a fantastic school. Chalice is going to love it up there for sure.


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