The verdict…?

The confrontation and showdown I was expecting never happened. I was nervous about The Talk all day, and when I explained the situation more coherently to my JTE than I did when I called her in a really stressed state last week, she gave me some good advice and encouragement.

And then, I got to the elementary school…and the principal was out for the day. I ended up kind of blurting hastily to the vice-principal that I really preferred teaching 3 classes of 2 grades each, instead of 4 classes of separate grades and a 5th class of merged 1st-2nd-graders, he pretty much said that they would definitely consider it, since the schedule hadn’t been decided for certain yet.

I really hope it works out in the end.

So in other news, today was Singles Awareness Day, and it wasn’t too miserable this year…the thing I felt worst about was looking in the mirror at how chubby I’ve become this winter, and calling myself horrible names as a form of punishment for my slovenly and slothlike behavior. I don’t think I truly know how to lose weight–if I’ve lost any in the past, it’s been purely by accident, because even when I did exercise a few times a week and eat healthily, it never made a difference. Now I have these stupid back problems that are keeping me from doing anything besides going on long walks, and the weather and my schedule are conspiring to keep me from doing that too often. I also have no idea how to eat a healthy vegetarian diet that doesn’t involve a lot of carbs; the only kinds of salads that I like eating have pasta instead of lettuce or spinach as the base.

But anyway…whine whine whine. Today was surprisingly warm–I’m looking forward to spring so I can make myself walk for at least an hour every night, and to Mikamo on free weekends. My trips to Okinawa, Kyushu, and Korea will involve a lot of walking when we aren’t in transit, and if I plan Australia for Golden Week (any Tokushima JETs reading this–I’m looking for a travel buddy!), I’ll be walking a ton there, too. That’s a part of trips I do solo that I enjoy–the wandering and the good ache at the end of the day.

Anyway, that’s it for tonight–have a good evening, guys.

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