I’m I was a pathetic Photoshop user

I had a bit of griping here about the musical poster, but I figured it out on my own. Dignity saved!

In recent good news, my jacket was delivered on Sunday, I found the Uniqlo in Kawanoe (as well as the Seto Inland Sea coastline), and Brian, Julie, Ashley, Gilly, and I drove up to Zentsuuji last night to Tonari no Indo-Jin for a great evening of hanging out and eating wonderful food, and they loved the restaurant and the food (Brian and Ashley in particular are big fans of Indian food, too). The owner and chef totally remembered me and were happy to see me, and the owner asked to take our group photo for a Polaroid board of customers they have going. Look for the one with, “♥ Love from Tokushima” scrawled down the side. So, once again–if you find yourself in west-central Kagawa Prefecture, Tonari no Indo-Jin in Zentsuuji–very friendly employees, a really cool atmosphere, and fantastic Indian food.

Anyway, tonight’s spent on cleaning up my apartment (as in, finally emptying my suitcases and putting them away!) and slogging away at the poster. Tomorrow kicks off our two-day Mid-Year Seminar, and I’m staying with some friends in the city. Saturday brings a musical rehearsal I’ll be skipping in favor of working on the poster (I actually am in this year’s musical, but I asked for a very minimal part so I don’t have to make every rehearsal…and since I’m volunteering to help out backstage and am single-handedly doing both the poster and the playbill/programme, I think they understand) and getting my poetry and food together for Burns Supper on Saturday night. It promises to be a really awesome time.

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