Friday through Sunday

To the person who found this site via a search for “how many volcanoes have japan got,” it’s actually has and not have (it modifies “Japan,” not “volcanoes”), and the whole sentence utilizes an incorrect form of grammar. It should actually read, “How many volcanoes does Japan have?” I’ll excuse the lack of punctuation and caps since it’s just a search.

And I don’t have an answer to your question, besides “a lot.”

The last few days have been on-and-off eventful…quick recap, then off to sleep:

  • Friday: violin concert for my 2 eikaiwa classes. I got nervous and made some mistakes during the beginners class, which was a shame, since that was my chance to redeem them after the bowling fiasco that they still talk about, but I think they were still happy in the end. I did a lot better with my intermediate class.
  • Friday: had a really good end-of-term elementary school class. That’s my second end-of-term class, so just four more to go!
  • Saturday: did absolutely nothing. I felt a bit under the weather, so that canceled my plans for the day.
  • Sunday: slept in, then went into the city with Julie to go shopping. I thought I had so many more gifts to buy–I still have a few individual gifts to get for friends, my Secret Santa, and the people writing me letters of recommendation; I also have specific requests to fulfill.

And that’s all for now. This week should be pretty relaxing, and a week from Tuesday, I’ll be on my way back to Atlanta! I can’t wait.

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