I wrote the kanji for Ikeda around 150 times in 20 minutes this afternoon, when I realized that even though I no longer take the bus and therefore stopped writing down all my bus/train trips so they could compensate me, they’d still like me to write down all my for-work car trips. This meant that I had to notate every single drive I made for work since September. Luckily, I’m rather anal-retentive when it comes to my planner, so I was able to do it without much racking of the brain.

I’m nearly done with swapping out my warm/cold clothes between my suitcase and drawers. Now to clean the rest of the apartment! I’m going to be up for a while…at least I can kind of sleep in tomorrow, though I still have to leave here before 11 AM so I can drive to the city for shopping and nengajo-decorating. I’m glad it’s Friday again.

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