The leaves were really beautiful during my taxi rides up and down the mountain to my Double-Length Class of DOOM. If only I knew how to navigate those winding, extremely confusing roads, then I would (totally? maybe?) attempt to drive up there while the leaves are still on the trees to snap some photos.

I’ve found myself thinking about The End a lot. I only have 5 double-length classes at this school in the spring because it’s such a short term…and after that, just one more semester, and I’m done. I’ve finally gotten into “the zone” with these lessons. I know what I’m doing, and I work fairly well with the kids. It’ll be tough to give that–and everything here, to be honest–up. I’ve dropped some roots here. I shouldn’t think too much about it, since my mind should be more on what I have to do to ensure I’ll be set once I’m back in the US (or wherever), but it’s always on my mind that everything I’m doing is to prepare for the next step after Japan.

It’s just strange to think that I’m already here, that I’m past the point where I can just close my eyes and enjoy the flow and not worry about what’s happening next. My departure is still 8 months away, but it’s no longer something I can put off thinking/doing anything about.

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