Last night was crazy. The kind of craziness that apparently goes on during college but that I never partook in. This was my one and only night to play catch-up–though I’m really not into “the nightlife” at all, I did have fun, but I’m not keen on doing it again.

  • we (Julie, Ashley, me) met up with Brian and his friend Angelina, a Kagawa ALT, and had Indian food for dinner (there are TWO restaurants in Takamatsu!)
  • parted ways with Angelina and went to Starbucks
  • checked out a drag queen show at a bar/club, stayed till 3 AM
  • slept in Ashley’s car for an hour with Brian (Ashley and Julie stayed in a hotel)
  • slept on a train for an hour (the 6 AM Takamatsu-Ikeda direct express)
  • parted ways with Brian and slept in my apartment for 3 hours
  • showered, dressed up, drove to the city to catch the Vienna Philharmonic String Quartet concert (that’s the reason I went through all of the above; I didn’t want to go in jeans and reeking of cigarette smoke)
  • couldn’t make the concert because Julie/Ashley were still too far out, and I’d also forgotten that the concert was not in Komatsushima but in Anan, even further south than I realized, and I would’ve been late as well
  • went shopping
  • drove 2 solid hours home in pitch-black, rainy, hydroplane-prone weather

And now I’m home, exhausted, with a headache, and no real idea of what I’m doing in class tomorrow. I think I’ll be setting my alarm for a very early hour to throw together a lesson plan in the morning, and going to sleep before too long. This was a crazy, very long weekend…hopefully I’ll rest enough tonight to recharge for this coming week.

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