Almost forgot, again. Not much to report from today–my car’s totally fine (they just cleaned my brake pads and the sound vanished). I was advised by several people at my BOE to start looking into special winter tires for my car for when we get closer to the freezing point, and ordered to take the bus/train to my Monday morning elementary school once the true winter cold sets in. I had a really good elementary school class in the afternoon–more reminiscent of team-teaching because the presiding teacher is one who was a former junior high school English teacher and jumped in, in very welcome ways, to help with explanations and supervising the kids actively. I’ve spent my evening watching a lot of season 1 of the new Battlestar Galactica and just doing nothing otherwise, and it’s been quite nice.

I’m heading to Kotohira tomorrow with my beginners eikaiwa, to visit a historic kabuki house, maybe visit Konpira-san, eat a Japanese lunch, and go bowling. After that, I’m either heading back to Kawanoe to find Uniqlo, or I’ll head to Takamatsu with Ashley and Julie and maybe track one down there. (I should have shopped for toe socks when I was at Jusco–considering they were selling sneakers for only ¥4000, which is about half what they’d cost in Ikeda…) Ashley said she found several Indian restaurants up there, too.

I really, really need to start on my nengajou/holiday notes/etc., as well as my general holiday shopping for my family and friends. I’ll be home in less than a month!

I’m really glad today’s Friday. Not that I’ll have much time to relax this weekend, from the sounds of it, but it should still be fun.

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