Just in time

I was just about to sign off when I realized I hadn’t written anything today!

I just got off the phone with Laura, one of my best friends who’s a regular reader and has been keeping up with me, but who I haven’t talked to in months. She asked me to break the monotony of her drive down to Jacksonville for Thanksgiving, so we talked for about 40 minutes, I think. It was wonderful hearing such a fondly familiar voice, and catching up on the events in her life.

Speaking of which–Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and loved ones back in the US! I’m grateful for knowing you (this, of course, applies to those of you outside the US as well) and having you all in my life.

Today is Labor Thanksgiving Day in Japan, so we had it off, but we have work tomorrow (UGH!). I drove out to Kawanoe today, in search of Uniqlo, but I stupidly forgot to consult my directions and couldn’t find it…but I found this 2-story megastore called Jusco instead, which was quite awesome, and I picked up some cool things to decorate my nengajou with. I’ll probably try to find Uniqlo again this weekend some time.

Afterwards, Julie and Brian and I got together and ordered pizza and hung out. Pizza Royal Hat has this nice new(?) variety with tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, and garlic that’s really good and surprisingly filling. We also confirmed December 2 as the date for our Avatar season finale party.

I’ve had Weird Al’s “White And Nerdy” in my head today–I can’t imagine that anyone I know hasn’t seen/heard it yet (the music video is brilliant), so if you haven’t, you really, really need to check it out.

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