Thinking ahead

Today was another do-nothing day, but I at least left the apartment for a little while.

Julie called me earlier and we talked for a bit. She’s one of the few people I feel like I can just call up and chat with; it makes me want to start doing that more for the people who live south of the city who I rarely see as well. I miss long phone calls–calls home to my friends are a real treat, since it’s tough to “schedule” times in with them due to the awkward time difference.

Anyway, we’re going to get together for dinner tomorrow and another try at viewing the meteors, since that should hopefully be the tail end of the shower. We’re also working out the logistics of the Avatar party I want to throw, to air the season finale of Avatar: The Last Airbender in a couple of weeks. So far it’ll just be 3 of us–Julie, Brian, and me–but I posted to our messageboard in case there are other closet fans around the prefecture who may want to come out for it.

(Mom and Dad, just to give you an idea, Avatar is kind of the new Pirates of Dark Water for me. Minus the website and stuff, though. I’m hoping to buy the DVDs while I’m at home…unless Samnta gives them to me first. Hint-hint! You really would like the Asian references–they just introduced an Indian guru who’s going to be a major character in the next few episodes, and there’s totally a Hindu temple at the end of season 1. It’s full of strong references to many world cultures.)

Claire’s throwing a nengajou-making party on December 3rd. I’d really like to go out for that. It hit me that I actually would love to send cards to a ton of people this year…I bought stationery at home to write notes to close friends, and instead of traditional holiday cards, it’d be more novel, and cheaper, to do it Japanese-style and send new-years postcards. Of course, I have to have them ready to go before I leave Japan. At least it gives me something to do during my downtime at work…I wonder when the post office starts selling blank nengajou?

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