(The subject means, “shooting star.”)

After work, I went to have some blood drawn to have my cholesterol checked. It’s long overdue; I’m genetically predisposed to have high cholesterol, and lately if I eat eggs or anything with very high concentrations of it, I just feel off afterwards. I might even go so far as to say I can feel my arteries clogging, and not mean it in such a hyperbolic sense.

Of course, I had to explain why I was having my cholesterol checked–the doctor and nurses were definitely perplexed that someone as young as I am would be concerned about that. I then explained that it’s a genetic thing, and that I don’t eat meat and I only rarely ate eggs back in the US, but I eat them regularly here because there’s no other option many times, and of course that started a discussion about the kinds of foods I as a vegetarian do eat. (“Tofu? Yasai? Gohan?“)

The results should be in by Monday. I’m a little nervous about that, and how far gone I’ve become in the 5 years since I last had it checked (at which point I was already over 200, by doing absolutely nothing at all).

I’m currently downing a quick easy-on-the-stomach dinner, then going to hang out at that awesome new coffeehouse in Mikamo with Julie and Sally, and then the 3 of us are coming back here and heading up to my roof to hopefully watch the Leonids tonight, possibly/probably accompanied by (new) Christine. I’m tempted to swing by the home store on my way and pick up one of those portable folding chairs, like the big green/blue ones made out of nylon, to spare my neck at least a little bit.

Anyway–this is exciting! Last night ended up being completely cloudy, but the sky was almost totally clear earlier this evening. I hope there’s a spectacular show tonight…and even if there isn’t, it’s still a chance to stargaze. I’m constantly amazed at how many stars I can see out here–far more than I ever could see in metro Atlanta.

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