Sounds like someone’s got a case of the Mondays

Wow, the first half of today was pretty bad. Forget Friday the 13th–it’s Monday the 13th, the combination of Mondays and that unlucky number, that tend to screw me over.

I woke up this morning and was feeling great…I did a load of laundry…only to realize, once I started reaching for the clean clothes I’d planned to wear to work, that I’d just dumped them in the washing machine.

I then logged on briefly to check my e-mail–and had two messages, from Anya and Kiet, letting me know that our AJET forum had been hacked! I scrambled to figure out what was going on–the hacker had left a calling-card, a smiley-face image and his first name and e-mail address (??), so I was able to track him down online fairly easily. However, by that point I didn’t have time to do much besides just re-upload the index.php file, and I figured I’d snack at my elementary and junior high to cover my lack of breakfast.

It wasn’t till I got to my elementary school–with less than 10 minutes to spare before class–that I realized that not only had I not eaten breakfast, but I’d forgotten my lunch, too.

After that, it picked up a bit, though. Classes went well, and I was able to run back into town, pick up lunch at the grocery store and bakery, and finish just in time, before our class immediately following lunch break. I also finally(!) participated in school cleaning time, which I think really made the teachers happy (in my defense, I’m rarely even around for it, and I’m planning lessons or reading or something and don’t notice it until it’s already gone by or halfway done with), and I ended up leaving at the same time as the students, and got some really big grins and cheerful farewells along the way. My kids are totally what make this job worthwhile.

So, yeah, in the end it worked out fine. I just had to throw the Office Space reference in because I borrowed Ashley’s DVD of the film and have been watching and re-watching scenes from it intermittently since. It seriously makes everything better.

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