Not much to say today

…except that it was really nice to sleep in. I stayed up pretty late finishing the redesign of my visual portfolio. It’s nice to have that done with.

I drove up to Takamatsu today–it gave me a chance to see more than just the immediate area around the station. I’d definitely like to go back. I went up to buy a kotatsu-buton cover at Loft, though it seems that all the Lofts outside of Osaka/Kobe don’t have much in the way of home furnishings, but a store next to Loft on the same floor did. I got one that I really liked, and a floor mat to match it.

I’m now off to Brian’s for an evening of movies and Indian food–he made dinner with his massive stash of AmbikaJapan groceries to repay me for driving us to Kamiyama tomorrow for the Ariel Kontact art show. I should get going, though…I already got back pretty late.

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