Not quite

I’m exhausted. The GRE didn’t go well–my verbal only improved by 10 points, and it’s still nowhere near what I need it at in order to qualify for the grad programs I want to apply for. I bought a lot of nice things this weekend (Loft + Lush = ♥) and ate some good Mexican and Turkish food, but when left to myself with nothing to distract me, I got pretty depressed. I went by Brian’s for a while tonight, which made me feel good, and a really cute and sweet guy working as a Starbucks barista struck up a really cute conversation with me very shyly, which also made me feel good at a time when I really wasn’t feeling good about myself.

I was about to head to sleep, but my dad called just after midnight because he forgot that Japan doesn’t do Daylight Savings Time, so 10 AM for him no longer equals 11 PM for me. As soon as I hung up with him, I got an IM from a friend saying he had a nervous breakdown this weekend when a delusional passenger on his flight made the baseless accusation that he (my friend) wanted to kill the other passengers on the plane with some kind of chemical weapon (which, of course, got him in big trouble with the TSA–couple that with the massive amount of stress/anxiety his job has put him under, and…yeah).

My friend’s okay, though–he has a big 2-week trip coming up this week, and the project that has been stressing him out so much should be finished by the time he returns. Hopefully he’ll be able to take it easy at work once he starts up again. No clue what happened to the guy who accused him, though.

This weekend has been…mixed. I failed to achieve the objective of the weekend, which feels even worse because of this seasonal slump and my exhaustion, but I had fun. I know I want/need to go back to Osaka/Kobe to do more holiday shopping…but whether or not I retake the GRE at that time still remains to be seen. I just physically do not know how I can improve my verbal score.

I’m not completely prepared for my Halloween lesson tomorrow. I hope my students are okay with my repeating activities from years past as a last resort. Maybe the chocolate will make up for it…that, and the witch’s hat and purple wings and scary music. I hope I can find the Halloween mix CD…

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