Wrapping up the preparations

Okay, so pretty much everything’s packed, except for a couple of shirts that should dry by morning, my battery charger, my notebook with the list of things I need to pack and the info on veggie/Indian restaurants in the cities I’m going to and the directions to the youth hostel I’m staying at in Nagasaki, and some of my toiletries, which I still need in the morning. My backpack (Sally’s, actually) is not particularly heavy, surprisingly, considering that I have 5 days’ worth of stuff, Lonely Planet Japan, and two leisure reading books included. Maybe I can manage this.

I’m going to work and leaving at the tail end of my lunch break. I hope I can get through my two classes on 4 hours of sleep; I can certainly catch up on the trains, but I have to make it through that half-a-workday first.

I called Michelle tonight with a couple of questions–she said that so far, every day has been beautiful up until the evening, when the rain started. I really hope that trend will continue for the rest of this week–that would explain the wildly conflicting and fluctuating forecasts on the multiple weather sites I’ve been consulting.

So, yeah, this is pretty much it! I’m off to Kyushu in just under 12 hours. I doubt I’ll be posting here at all until Monday evening, but check out my Flickr account in case I post any cellphone photos/captions there. (And yeah, I know, I still haven’t uploaded any images of my (fabulous) car. I’ll get around to that sooner or later.)

Yay for four hours of sleep. Ganbarimasu, yo. Have a good long weekend, those of you in Japan, and see you on the flip side!

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