These last two weeks haven’t been pleasant. I was stressed over the situation with that class and the fight those students got into. I was stressed when I made a blunder in some overzealous posts I made on our messageboard and accidentally insulted one of my friends. I’ve been continually stressed over the issues with my stomach, which have been happening enough that I now know that they’re indicative of something at least marginally more serious. I was feeling really stressed and guilty today when we got all the car-buying stuff started simultaneously (the driver’s license application, the ownership transition, and the parking situation), which meant a massive amount of extra work for my poor boss–it’s a month-long process, and next week will keep us especially busy.

I’m very tired right now, and dreading that this stress is going to really screw with my stomach tonight and this weekend.

Sunday is our farewell party for our corner of the prefecture. It should be fun, but even though I’ll be seeing some of these people again around Awa Odori time, I’m not looking forward to the finality of it.

I have to go return a video. I hope I can find something while I’m there that’ll make me laugh a lot (if only they had The Birdcage!)…I really need to unwind somehow.

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