I’m back, as of an hour and a half ago. I was in transit for 29 hours straight, from leaving our house at 5:00 AM EST Saturday (they canceled my 10 AM flight and put me on one two hours earlier; they called us after midnight, so we all got no more than 3 hours of sleep before heading out) to catching the flight to Chicago and the much longer flight to Osaka, and the three trains (express, shinkansen, express) to my town, and arriving here just shy of 10:00 PM JST–it was insane and I’m exhausted, but I’m all right.

A word to the wise: ship your luggage. I did, thanks to Louise’s advice, and they were willing to deliver it as early as tomorrow morning, for less than ¥2000! (I’m getting my suitcase tomorrow evening, so I can be home to claim it.)

And that’s all for now. I hope I can make it through my classes tomorrow, and I hope I can get a full night’s sleep tonight.

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