The trailer for The Namesake looks stunning. I’m really excited about it–I’m currently reading the book, written by Jhumpa Lahiri, which I picked up a hardback cover of from The Blue Parrot in Tokyo, but because it’s a hardback, it’s not nearly as portable, so it’s been pretty slow-going. It’s been a great read so far, though…so different from the dystopic, miserable fare I always seem to come across any time I read any literature dealing with Indians mingling with westerners in any way. (Even Interpreter of Maladies, the short-story anthology also written by Lahiri, had some dystopic themes–but I was really warmed by how optimistic the final story in the anthology was. I’m glad she ended on an emotionally high note like that.)

Anyway…so today, Tracy had her hula happyoukai in Tokushima City, and she was awesome. Go, Tracy! We were all astonished at how popular hula is in Tokushima–around 20 individual classes from around the prefecture, including two from Kagawa to the north, put on performances today, and at least 250 people were in attendance.

Afterwards, Joanna, Melissa, Jenna, and I went out for a really late lunch at Sombreros, and we ducked over to Big Brothers to have brownies for dessert. REAL BROWNIES. I haven’t had one since coming to Japan! They were rich enough that I actually couldn’t finish mine–we also were completely stuffed, to a point I don’t think I’ve reached in a really long time.

I’ve had a headache all afternoon, and even sleeping on the train home did nothing for it, so I think I may do what I did last week and wake up really early to plan my Monday morning lesson. Have a good evening, guys.

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