Moving status

Tatami room: nearly empty. (And really, really dusty.)

Kitchen and bathroom: nearly full. Crap. I’m going to need to pilfer another big box or two from Daily Mart after work today, if I’m able to conscript people to help me move my stuff before/after our dinner meetup for Hannah’s brother.

The utilities are getting shut off in here on Wednesday. I was hoping to have everything out of here by tomorrow, but I just don’t know if I’ll have time to move everything, pack for Kobe, and clean this place thoroughly before I leave for the recontracting conference…

I’m going to be in the US a month from now. For some reason, even though it’s only 3 1/2 weeks away, it feels like it’s months from now, and I just can’t explain why. Maybe it’s because of my upcoming 5-day trip to Kobe (crap, I have to somehow start packing in the middle of this whole moving ordeal, and we still don’t have hotel accommodations for Fri/Sat nights…). I told Louise that it feels so far away and she seemed pretty concerned and asked if I wasn’t looking forward to it. I think I’m not looking forward to how short and crazy it’ll be, but there’s just no way around that.

Eh, anyway. It’s a Monday. I have no junior high classes today–actually, none till June, and even then, I’ll only have a couple of weeks at my junior high before my JTE leaves for a month of English education research in England. I’ll be going back for speech contest training over the summer, but it’s strange to be there so rarely these days.

I think I’m a little stressed out. Moving is a huge ordeal, and it’s easy to forget that. Maybe Kobe will be the release I need at the end of all this.

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