It’s that time of year again

It’s a year to the day since I received my Tokushima acceptance e-mail. I wanted to post some kind of retrospective, but I know it’ll be extremely long, and I know you guys have begun to take issue to that lately. (*cough*Moshe/Dad/etc.*cough*)

But what do you know–I’ve been looking around a bit, and the Tokushima placements are coming in! So for any new ALTs who find this journal, welcome to Tokushima! Your contracting agencies and predecessors should be contacting you in a matter of days, if they haven’t already, but if you have questions you’re dying to have answered before then, feel free to ask. I’m actually the Tokushima AJET (Association for Japanese English Teachers) webmaster, so let me also direct you to our AJET messageboard, Chiisai Sudachi (the name’s a parody of the infamous behemoth known as Big Daikon–“Chiisai” = small, “Sudachi” = a local citrus fruit Tokushima’s famous for), and the Yahoo! mailing list. Our forum’s active and the ALTs are really eager and willing to answer all your questions, so please consider signing up! (And please e-mail me if/when you do, since this is a private forum and I have to approve new memberships.) And even if messageboards are sort of new/strange to you, please sign up for the mailing list, so we have a way to contact all the JETs.

(The domain is ours as well, but it’s currently undergoing a massive overhaul. I just took the site over in late April.)

All right, I need to get ready for work. It’s New ALT Season again! Even though I’m staying put for the next 14 months, this is still kind of exciting.

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