Laying the musical to rest

I may be playing a violin-piano duet with Amber, and a violin-piano-guitar-and/or-voice trio with Amber and Bessie, for the final Open Mic before the departing ALTs (including Amber) head home. I’m pretty excited about this–too bad I live 2 hours west of the city, Amber lives in the city, and Bessie lives 2 hours south of the city. Coordinating that ought to be an interesting challenge.

We had our viewing of the musical DVDs tonight at Root Down, a bar in the city run by the same guys who run Big Brothers, the American-style cafe. It was really nice revisiting those memories with nearly the entire cast present. I have to admit, though, that I was astonished that Andrew K., who put together our most professional-looking DVD, would actually edit the original presentation of the musical by superimposing music over any scenes with no preexisting background music (which was a lot of it), especially when it really obscured the dialogue in many cases, which was part of why we didn’t have background music, since we didn’t use mics. I don’t know what he was thinking when he decided to do that–and without consulting the directors, either.

Anyway, for various reasons, I’m currently in possession of pretty much all the original DVD copies of all the various recordings people did and sent in to us. I’ll probably spend tomorrow watching highlights, and I’ll try to track down software that’ll allow me to grab some video clips so that I can show you all what it was all about. To my friends at home: if you want a copy, I’ll gladly burn you one, as soon as I determine which is the best show to send you.

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