I ordered a sleeping bag from my local Daiki Home Center early last week, since I’m going to need it this weekend and next. It came in last Thursday or Friday or so, in a surprisingly tiny box. Due to the Lord of the Rings marathon and general laziness, I didn’t get around to taking it out of the box until today.

It’s too short.

It’s marked as a 190-cm sleeping bag (and with my being around 175 cm tall, I figured it wouldn’t be a problem), but it comes up roughly to my shoulders! Normally I might be kind of annoyed about this, but I’m just laughing at the absurdity of the situation right now and thinking, “Only in Japan…” I guess I’ll be curled up and unable to stretch my legs while I sleep all weekend–unless the dorms we’re staying in are heated, in which case maybe it’ll be all right. We’ll see.

On the topic of weekend outings, I’m thinking I should have started packing earlier this week. Or earlier tonight. Now I’m sleepy and I still have to hang up my wet laundry and pack for 3 nights (was going to be 2, until I talked to Evan, who’s also volunteering, and realized that we’re supposed to get to Jam Camp tomorrow night, and not just early on Saturday…whoops). I’m really worried that my one overnight bag (swiped from Hannah in August, out of her predecessor Allison’s stockpile–apparently she doesn’t want it back, which works wonders for me, because I’m getting a ton of use out of it) won’t hold enough clothes, including layers (since it’s supposed to be pretty chilly this weekend), for 3 nights, as well as dishware; the next biggest thing I have is a carry-on-sized suitcase, which is too big. I may have to “go to the bank” tomorrow afternoon (or just give in and ask my boss) and see if I can track down a store in town that sells moderate-sized duffel bags or backpacks. That, or I can just wear my huge and quite warm Yoda hoodie every single day…nothing wrong with that.

(It cracks me up that Nightly is still the #1 result for a Google search for “yoda hoodie.” We were obsessed with those things around Star Wars Celebration.)

I’m also hoping that I can manage to carry my overnight-bag-of-as-yet-undetermined-size, my sleeping bag with a pillow (and possibly another sheet inside–I’m giving the sleeping bag a test run tonight to see whether its “keeps you warm in weather as cold as 7 C” promise is as approximate as its 190-cm length), and my violin (since this is a music camp). And hopefully not my khaki-colored shoulder bag for a change, just to minimize everything. I’m at least getting picked up by Evan at Kamojima Station…but to be honest, I’ve never done a true camp like this before. I’m a little nervous I’ll forget something crucial–I have no rain gear other than an umbrella (no, Mom and Dad, please don’t send me one of those Shamu ponchos from Sea World 10 years ago, though I know you’re tempted!).

All right, off with me now…have a good weekend, everyone.

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