I’m starting to browse through discount airfare sites to look into deals for a trip home this summer. It’ll be in July, because I have classes till the end of June and then a lot of orientation/newcomer-welcoming stuff starting in August. I feel guilty for not traveling around Japan or Asia, but I really need to see my friends at home again. The time difference is such that it makes it really difficult to set up times to call people–I just talked to Hamza for over 1.5 hours, for the first time in many, many months; I haven’t talked to many of my friends since I called them on my birthday in August.

There are some amazingly good prices on roundtrip flights from Atlanta to Osaka in April/May…I just need to turn that around. And push it back by two months.

I don’t know. Maybe I’ll change my mind–I’m really tired right now, after an exhausting weekend, and I’ll definitely be home in December–but I think I just really need this. Asia will still be here when I get back, and I can always travel later. Anyway, we’ll see.

So to my friends in or from Atlanta–I hope you’ll be around during the first 3 weeks in July, because I really, really want to see you all again. Details will come as stuff becomes more official.

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