Argh, I did it again!

Whoops, I didn’t mean to title that last post with the name of the journal…properly edited now.

(Haha, and I did it again with this post–“Gmail – Inbox” is not an apt title.)

I got an e-mail from Kanno-sensei, one of my Japanese professors at Tech! I should have responded in Japanese, but I’m not quite up to par for that yet. I’m pretty sure she comes to Japan yearly, either with LBAT or to see her family…maybe I can go see her for a long weekend if she comes this summer. She’s such a wonderful lady, and I miss dropping by her office to chat–maybe now I can use more fluent-sounding Japanese than I ever could while I was in school.

The open mic night went pretty well–just 4 acts, but while we got started an hour late and mine was by far the shortest (15 minutes, tops), the program went for 2 solid hours, and a lot of people showed up. My music did indeed require the most sobriety to listen to, and more people came in after my act, so the bar got a little noisier, so there was something to be said for going first. It was a blast, though, and I’m already trying to come up with a playlist for the next one, so I can be prepared. I may collab with Jeff in Naruto on some bluegrass music, which would really rock.

I ended up crashing at Will and Yuri’s place in Sadamitsu and caught a train home yesterday morning, but I was stuck in that post-slumber-party sluggish mode, so I went to lie down and rest off my headache around 6:30, and fell asleep for 3 hours. I woke up, looked at the clock, thought, “Screw it, I’m just going to sleep,” and I did…I woke up at 4 AM and fell asleep again at 6, but yeah, a really, really full night’s sleep. It’s left me feeling really refreshed–it’s amazing how work and everything just really take it out of you.

I’ve done some cleaning today, but not nearly enough yet…I have a lot of groceries and supplies to pick up, and I have to start packing because I LEAVE FOR INDIA IN JUST OVER A WEEK! I already know I’m taking 2 suitcases–the smaller one being my carry-on, and I’ll have my shoulder bag inside it–because I’m going to be bringing home way too much stuff for my one suitcase to handle. (Wow, check out this weather forecast…it’ll be so weird going from the chilly weather here to more tropical climes and then back again. Almost 80 degrees there!)

I had a really awkward bit of miscommunication with the people at the local home store, where I’d bought my chest of drawers from…they’d called Wednesday, but I missed their call so I called back on Thursday, and it turns out they could only deliver the chest the following Monday or Tuesday. Since I’d given them my cell number, I told them I’d come in after work to talk to them about it. Well, I came in…and they already had the chest downstairs, ready to load into my car–except for the obvious problem of my not having a car. They misinterpreted my “I’ll come in after work to talk to you about it” as “I’ll come in after work to pick it up.” Seeing the friendly smile on the cashier’s face suddenly vanish is making me feel awfully guity…at any rate, they’re still delivering it early this week as planned. I can’t wait–it’ll clear up so much clutter!

I have no inspiration whatsoever for this week’s double-length Tuesday class. This class is already ahead of all the other ones…all I can think of is to play games with them for the full 80-90 minutes. Hellooo, Teamwork Tokushima…

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