Checking in

I’ve wanted to write more, but I’ve been so busy…I’m currently working on getting my Reply Form together, since it’s due back to my local Consulate General of Japan this coming Friday. The biggest issue is the medical form–I was only able to get my doctor to fill it out a couple of days ago, and now I have to wait on the results of the mandatory chest x-ray, and I’m trying to track down my optometrist to get the actual numerical values of the powers in my eyes…and I have to get this all done by Wednesday, since I’m going out of town Thursday for the weekend.

So a word to the wise–as soon as you hear back about your status, call your doctor. ;P

Other than that…not too much. We’re slowly compiling a list of all the things I have to take or account for, and it’s getting big. (I’m a little concerned about my violin–I’m definitely taking it with me, but will I be able to take it as one of my two carry-ons, or will I need the space for something else?) In terms of food, apparently there’s a mail-order Indian food store that delivers to anywhere in Japan, though, and they deliver ingredients as well as ready-made/instant food, so that’s good to know.

I’m out for now…hopefully I can start posting more once things pick up in May.

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