Lost my cellphone

Checking in from my hotel in Hakodate in southwestern Hokkaido.

At some point between noon and 2 PM today, when I was in the vicinity of the Usu-san volcano and Lake Toya, I lost my cellphone. I lost it in precisely the same way that I nearly lost my wallet before I even left–the bottom zipper of the backpack I borrowed came mysteriously open on its own. I tried to recover it, but it’s gone.

For the next 2 weeks, the only way to reach me is via internet. If any of you tried contacting me via my cell at any point past noon today, please e-mail me at my personal address, or comment here to reach me. My land line is no more. I’ll be canceling my cellphone account entirely (it’s just suspended at the moment) when I return to Tokushima. I’ll have internet access nearly every day from here on out–maybe not tomorrow because I’m staying at a hostel, but definitely from Saturday onwards until my departure. And I’ll be staying with Brian and Julie alternatively, so you can contact me at their apartments in the evenings.

It could have been worse, since I only have two weeks left, but I’m still feeling really irresponsible right now, and I have a lot of people to contact in these next two weeks. This trip has been a comedy of errors–in mainly silly ways, up until now. I hope it gets better after this.

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