Feeling domesticated

I was up till 1 AM cooking hasty but tasty curry. (I came up with that inadvertent rhyme when starting a blog post last night to kill the time.) Now I need to get a vat of rasam started. Today brings our final eikaiwa classes, and we’re having potluck parties in each.

Had a phone interview-of-sorts last night, which I feel like I sort of stumbled through, but it went well enough that the gentleman is going to have his team contact me for further phone interviews soon!

Last night, pre-interview, I ran to Mikamo’s 100-yen store (because ours closed!), and it started pouring rain like crazy. I was soaked in the 10 seconds it took me to sprint from my car to the store, and again when I went back. I decided to swing by Paparagi on my way back–and ran into Julie and her eikaiwa! We ended up hanging out there till almost 9. They were a really cool group–it’s very interesting, having a mix of skill levels and of ages. I love my eikaiwas, but it really would be nice to have some younger people in there, too.

This week I’ve been playing the violin in my final shougakkou classes, but I didn’t yesterday, just because I’ll be at this school next week, I didn’t know their schedule, and the 1st and 2nd/3rd and 4th grade homerooms are next to each other and essentially open-air, and I didn’t want to distract class. In our 3rd-grade class, the cool teacher suddenly bust out his guitar and started playing the unplugged version of Eric Clapton’s “Layla,” quite well in fact. Feeling inspired, as soon as class finished, I went to the teachers’ room and asked if I’d be able to get all the students, or at least the students I teach, together to play some violin music for them. I’m now playing during the final ceremony next week.

And speaking of final ceremonies…my junior high’s ceremony runs from 9:30 to 10:00 (so they say–I’ve never attended a junior high ceremony that wasn’t at least an hour long!). As soon as that wraps, I have to run down the street to this ceremony, which starts at 10:20. Yikes! I need to get cracking on those speeches.

It’s raining outside. A hurricane’s coming, and not any of the “big rainstorms” we had last year–this one’d engulf a fair chunk of the country in one go. (Japan Meteorological AgencyYahoo! Weather satellite image) They don’t measure magnitude or have categories for typhoons in Japan the way they do for hurricanes in the Pacific, but this one’s been labeled as very strong. It’ll be here Sunday–which is lucky, because it was supposed to come tomorrow and Genna was panicking because she leaves Japan for good tomorrow.

I’ve also been invited to watch a traditional Japanese puppetry show that’s being held at this Thurs/Fri shougakkou. At this point, I’m still not sure if I’m going–I’d certainly like to, but we’ll see. Tonight I’m hanging out with Genna and maybe Kiet. This weekend, I need to pack a lot and run some other errands; we have Monday off, and I really should make use of that. Time is really running out–just a couple of weeks till I need to be out of my apartment.

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