After 10.5 straight days of work and/or teaching classes, I’m free till TUESDAY! I can’t even describe what a relief it is to know I don’t have to work for the next 5 days. I’m so physically and mentally and emotionally drained from going and going without much of a break in the middle.

The weather forecast says that it’s supposed to rain pretty much the entire time I’m there, so that’s a bit of a downer. But I’ll just hope it’s a pessimistic forecast, and I’ll pack my umbrella and poncho. Maybe it’ll be the pleasant kind of rain that’s at least still okay to walk around in. At any rate, my ferry tickets and hotel/ryokan reservations are booked, and I’m going no matter what, so I’m going to make the best of it. It’ll be nice to revisit Unzen again, and hopefully I can make it to the crater of Aso.

I just have to fight this urge to take a nap because I didn’t get enough sleep last night (due to taking a nap yesterday after work because I was exhausted)–I haven’t packed a thing, and I’m thinking I’d like to leave in the next hour or so, but no later than 4, to give myself enough time to get to Matsuyama, eat dinner, and find my way to the ferry port. At least I know I can sleep on overnight ferries, as opposed to overnight trains, so maybe I can get over this headache from yesterday that hasn’t quite gone away and rest up in time for this long weekend’s festivities.

With the exception of some possible moblogging/keitai blogs and Flickr keitai photos, take care and see you all Tuesday!

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