A pleasant Thursday

(Happy birthday, Dad!)

The weather’s warm and beautiful today, and I’ve brought out the flip-flops in place of my sneakers. It’s not quite time for the annual wardrobe switch, but it’s quite nice today. For some reason, warm weather takes me back to my first few weeks and months in Japan, and everything feels new and unusual again. It’s a bit disconcerting, but it’s also good, because it gives me perspective on where I am and what I’m doing, and it means I’m not taking it all for granted.

My eikaiwas (adult conversation classes) start tomorrow–and guess who’s back? Sleeping Lady. She’s my one “enemy” in town, after the half-hour verbal fight we got into a year ago after she used me as a human dictionary and was just selfish and self-absorbed the whole time, focusing only on her medical conditions and not on how her behavior was affecting the rest of the class and affecting the teacher. She unfortunately just squeezed into the 10th spot of the 10-person beginners class. My BOE and community center have expressed extreme sympathy over this, because she has a reputation for making trouble like this with whatever she does, evidently.

I’m not looking forward to killing three random hours at my BOE this afternoon, since I can’t really do any more elementary school planning without internet/printer access. I guess I’ll just look busy and figure something out, but for now it’s back to work. We have an enkai tonight (at the restaurant across the street, where Batty Lady works), and tomorrow’s Friday, and Saturday’s the touch rugby tournament (a national one, held about 30 minutes from here) and some other stuff. Things just feel pretty good right now.

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