Apparently I’ve been harassing my landlords quietly for some time without realizing it. My balcony is directly behind the living area of my landlords’ house, and my washing machine, which is on the balcony, has taken to rattling rather loudly lately. I ran into my landlady today, who immediately offered to slide some wood underneath it to keep it balanced (which I already thought it was, and assumed it was an issue with the washer itself), and as she did so, she asked me to please not use it after 10 PM, and to be quiet when coming home late (though I usually am, so that’s probably directed more at the others). Still, though, any time I accidentally do something like this, where I’m completely unaware of a case of inadvertent but blatant inconsideration that I’ve caused, it makes me feel really clumsy and awkward.

I also slipped up with my Monday morning elementary school and assumed today was the last class since I have end-of-term classes at all my other elementary schools this week–but in fact they wanted me to come next week, and have now canceled that class. I’m going to call them back and come in on Monday anyway.

At least my day went pretty well, though. My classes at my junior high were good, kids were coming up to me and chatting with me in the halls, my JTE swore she’d be at the final performance of the musical (she didn’t come this weekend because her husband, who’s also a teacher, finally had a free day with no club activities on Sunday), my art teacher was still gushing about the musical, and because I was wearing a salwar kameez (this week I’m doing a combination Indian culture/world music and dance lesson for my end-of-the-year elementary class) I automatically got a lot of comments on it.

At the end of the day, as I was pulling out of our school, I passed three of the third-years and waved at them, and they all grinned and waved back, and one boy touched his hand to his heart dramatically and mouthed, “I love you.” That, combined with the very aptly-timed “Closing Time” by Semisonic coming up on my mp3 player and the rain having let up and the sun having come out for the afternoon, made me smile for the rest of my drive home.

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