Busy week

So much has been going on. Lots of musical-related stress–rehearsals were extremely busy and productive (Friday night, all day Saturday, and most of the day Sunday), though opening night is this coming Saturday and there’s still so much to do. I have to finish my robot costume (started, ran out of masking tape), get the helmet from Kirsten and finish painting that, modify pantyhose for my Nose Extension Technician mask, and figure out where my black socks went, or buy a new pair. I also have to find a place where I can print 400 copies of the playbill tomorrow, due to several unexpected snags keeping me from doing it tonight, and due to my leaving straight after work Friday for the opposite end of the prefecture in preparation for our Saturday show.

Was sick Monday, was kind of sick yesterday, and was out of work both days. Am currently wondering why my washing machine seems to enjoy smashing itself into the wall every single time I use it these days (and why Japan can make such fantastic cellphones but such horrible and archaic washing machines)–to the point that one of my neighbors just rushed out onto his/her patio to figure out what was going on. I think I have to call a repairman.

I also have to figure out next week’s end-of-the-year world music/dance lesson. I’m thinking I’ll pull out my salwars and kurtis, and maybe my violin, since many of my schools have asked me to bring that by; I’m not sure when I’ll have time except for Sunday night to put it all together, though.

I picked up my cellphone yesterday and it’s apparently working fine now, though it looks a lot more scuffed-up than I remember. The weight of it feels right in my hand, though, and it was nice to put my charms back on (a Totoro/makkurokurosuke one and a rather pretty one from Unpenji, temple 66 of the Shikoku 88). All my messages and photos are indeed gone, which is a shame. I made myself a really quick Pirates of Dark Water landscape “desktop” wallpaper, which makes me happy–there are some really beautiful landscape matte paintings in that show.

The weather’s getting warmer. Today was nice enough that I only needed my jacket when I went back out after getting home from work.

Oh, and my JTE told me today that my proposed April schedule came in to my junior high, and both she and my principal were shocked/concerned by how rigid and busy it was. I’m guessing it’s in part for their benefit as well as for mine, but they’re actually in touch with my board of education on my behalf, trying to appeal for a lighter and more flexible schedule for me. The way it is right now, I have no way of rescheduling any of my classes (something which is an occasional necessity at my junior high) since I’m spending a day and a half at this one elementary school, which locks everything else into place depending on the availability of the other four elementary schools.

All right, back to the grind. Today was literally nonstop at work–I didn’t really have any time to myself from the moment I got there to the moment I left. I had another teacher eikaiwa till 5PM tonight at the same elementary school I’ll be teaching at in April. I even spent a chunk of my lunch break running around to four homerooms to plug the musical. I hope some kids come out on Sunday–the third-years sounded really enthusiastic about it.

Believe it or not, this was going to be a short entry…oops. I get the feeling there’ll be more of these “I swear this was going to be quick” entries over the next few weeks. Crunch time is here.

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