My day of slack

I got to work this morning and felt drained and unwell, so after about an hour, I messaged my boss asking if I could cancel my afternoon shougakkou (the Double-Length Class of Doom–this would’ve been the day I let them know that I wouldn’t be coming back after April, but that’ll be next week instead) and take the afternoon off, after my junior high classes wrapped up.

I came home, made myself a really healthy pasta salad lunch with a TON of veggies and sesame dressing, hung out, put on Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi/Spirited Away, and went to sleep. I woke up after an hour (after the movie had finished, but my TV was still on), turned the TV off and closed my eyes again, and woke up over 2 hours after that. Heh, oops.

I woke up and drank a lot of water–naps leave me feeling really dehydrated–and went out to the supermarket to pick up some things, then came home and slaved over my stove for a solid hour…but it was totally worth it, because I made sambar for dinner tonight. And it ROCKED. Now, if only I had the mix to make idlis…my life would be complete. There’s just something amazing about idlis soaked in sambar…but then again, I’m a south Indian, so of course I’d be partial towards that. I have a lot of extra sambar–it’s almost like a stew, with all the big chunks of veggies–so I’ll be making some rice in the morning and bringing that for lunch.

Anyway, I ate while re-watching the end of the film (the scene while Chihiro/Sen is on the train is an example of truly fantastic composition–animation, colors, music, mood and emotions…), and have been hanging out online trying to plan other stuff since then.

It’s been a very relaxing afternoon and evening, which has been really cool, and I feel a lot better than I did this morning. I think I need it, since I have a Big Discussion waiting for me tomorrow–I have my weekly class at that school requesting the huge load of classes for April, and I’m hoping to talk to the principal about this situation afterwards. (It’s funny–we have a “make a wish and have it terribly corrupted” game thread going at the Tokushima forum, and today Jordan (who lives in the town immediately southwest of here) wrote, “I wish I knew why I only teach my elementary schools once a month as opposed to my neighbor, Smitha.”) Please wish me luck, because I hate confrontations like this, and this is the biggest one I’ll have had since the one with the Sleeping Lady in my eikaiwa; I feel like it would be easier at any other school, where I know I have a very good working relationship with those principals, while I really am not sure what this particular principal thinks of me personally.

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