So far, so good

I woke up with a voice like a manly frog, and a stuffy nose…but none of the symptoms of Norwalk/the Norovirus. I feel incredibly lucky, and I’m counting my blessings. And doping myself heavily with cold/cough medication so I’ll be on the mend by the time I seal myself in a tube hurtling over Russia, the Aleutian Islands, Canada, and the continental US for 12 hours of recycled air with 300 other lovely people tomorrow.

I took today off to rest up and to medicate myself heavily…and to pack and send out everything I have to mail. My train to Sakaide is at 8:30 PM, and my overnight train from Sakaide’s at 9:45 PM, so I have under 10 hours to get everything done. I can do it.

And most importantly…I’m coming home! There was that lingering possibility that I would be too sick to even board a train, period, meaning I’d have to buy a one-way ticket back to the US after the holidays. I’m so glad that’s not the case.

My next entry will either be a moblog one from Tokyo, or…from Atlanta. This is so exciting!

(I just realized that the reason I’ve been hearing South Asian and Japanese accented English on TV is because there’s some kind of documentary on about a hijacked JAL flight in Dhaka, Bangladesh many years ago. Nice timing.)

Travel safe, everyone, and happy holidays–see you on the flip side!

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