I’ve had a scratchy, “coughy” throat since this weekend. It became progressively worse today, with full-body symptoms akin to a normal cold, so I took an hour of sick leave to go see the doctor to try to get something to help me heal quickly so I’d be on the mend by the time I boarded my plane in Tokyo…only to have him tell me that he thinks I have this. I just saw a message from Claire yesterday on our AJET forum warning us about this, too, because it’s going around. In a nutshell, I’m about to have a nasty case of the stomach flu for the next two days–lots of vomiting and diarrhea. It’s not one hundred percent definite–he gave me a “kamoshirenai,” which is a “maybe.” And actually, my stomach was doing fairly well until he said I would have severe stomach problems…but then, when I got home 15 minutes later (he told me to take today off, and we’ll see about tomorrow), as if on cue, my stomach started making some very strange sounds, and has been rumbling ominously ever since, like a volcano just waiting to erupt and unleash hell.

I guess this means I have to cancel that overnight train reservation I was looking forward to so much, and get a shink ticket for Wednesday morning instead. WORST TIMING EVER!

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