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To the person who searched for, “3:50 in IN then what times is it in Japan?”…there are several possible answers to that.
– If IN = India, then it’s 7:20 in Japan. Japan is 3.5 hours ahead of India.
– If IN = Indonesia, then it’s anywhere from 1:50 to 3:50, because Indonesia spans three time zones, including GMT+9, which is also Japan’s.
– If IN = Indiana, then…that’s actually a pretty complicated answer. I believe that instead of up to 3 different possible times in the state (the few Central Time Zone counties that observed Daylight Saving Time, the majority of the state–in the Eastern Time Zone–which didn’t observe DST, and a few Eastern counties that did observe DST), recently the whole state now follows DST. As a result, if the time’s 3:50 AM in Indiana, depending on where in Indiana the inquiry comes from, it’s 5:50 PM (Eastern DST counties) or 6:50 PM (Central DST counties), or 4:50 PM/5:50 PM when not on DST. If it’s 3:50 PM and not AM, then it’s *:50 AM the following day.

And it’s “what time is it,” not “what times.” Just, you know, being nitpicky.

To the person who searched for, “peach preserves are not setting up? what do i do?”…firstly, how did you find this site? Secondly, that’s awesome that you make your own preserves. I hope you figure out how to perfect your recipe, and then I hope you send me a sample. Mmm, peaches.

This is actually pretty fun! Keep the interesting web searches coming.

Anyway, moving on…

I drove up to Takamatsu after work today. It was about 1.5 hours with traffic–not bad, and definitely a better drive than the one to Tokushima. However, I left too late–I’d meant to leave straight after work but didn’t leave till 5:30, so by the time I got there, a lot of stores had already closed, though I was able to make it to the Studio Ghibli/Hayao Miyazaki store and Muji. I had dinner at Spice Kitchen, the other Indian restaurant we didn’t go to a few weeks ago (we went to Prem then)…Spice Kitchen has better curry, but Prem has better samosas (not much better, but while SK’s were pretty good, they had no salt and the taste was bland). Tonari no Indo-Jin in Zentsuuji is still by far my favorite Indian restaurant on Shikoku, but I’ve certainly had worse food than at these two restaurants. Though in retrospect, maybe I shouldn’t have eaten there, since I’m sure my family was planning on going out to an Indian restaurant at some point while I’m home. Oh, well.

I actually would really like to create an online list of all the South Asian restaurants on Shikoku, because there are a surprising number–I can think of at least 4 in Tokushima and 3 in Kagawa, and I’ve been to 6 of them already. It would be a cool resource…and of course, I would visit all of them and write personal reviews. Mmm, reviews. I should recruit meat-eaters to come along and sample the non-veggie fare to give accurate commentary on that, too.

I stopped by You-Me Town on my way back…OH MY GOD. BEST STORE EVER. I never would’ve made it there if not for having a car! I’ve never been any place quite like it–it’s essentially an enclosed open-air mall. It’s massive and two stories–each story is so enormous that you can’t see one end from the other! A lot of stores have their own “stores”/enclaves, but many others are open and just sit right next to each other with no separating walls. There are dozens of stores–a Baskin-Robbins, Starbucks, L.L. Bean and various other outdoor sporting-good stores, Passport, and Lush. (Yes, Lush! I just checked their website, and it’s a new location. OH MAN YES.) There’s just a ton of goodness there.

In the end, I did buy a few things tonight, but I didn’t finish off my shopping the way I was hoping to. I’ll just scout around town tomorrow to see what I can get here. It was nice to get out for a while at least, though.

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