Entering crunch time

So in the next 2 weeks, I have a ton of gifts to buy, put together, and ship/pack/give to orphans. I have to make prints of some photos to give to some people, and to send to some as well (Chelsea had requested some with a card as part of a card exchange she’s doing with her friends). I have to pack for my trip and buy my train tickets back home from Tokyo. I have to plan when I’m meeting all my friends when I’m home. I also have to finish my nengajou, figure out who to send them to, and do it.

On top of that, I’m being social as well. There’s a caroling outing in the city tomorrow, which I’d like to jump in on, weather permitting. There’s a Habitat For Humanity “Get Hammered” night at Ingrid’s Saturday, and I’m hoping nonalcoholic drinks count towards the money raised. There’s caroling next Friday, and just hanging out with my friends here before heading home for 2+ weeks.

Jordan just messaged me rather apologetically to let me know that TV Tokushima is interested in taping the ’07 musical, but to do so, they want a full script (not my responsibility) and a playbill (totally my responsibility). Chris had also let me know that they’d ideally like the poster to be done by the first rehearsal in mid-January, which is just over a month from now, so I’ll have to kill 2 birds with 1 stone and sit down and get some intensive work on this done while I’m at home.

It’s pouring rain and cold out…otherwise I could have made it to the bookstore in town to buy Jenn’s gift. The rest will have to happen this weekend, though, either at Tokushima or Takamatsu. I’m thinking Tokushima Saturday and Takamatsu Sunday, but we’ll see.

I need to practice the violin for the “performance” I have tomorrow at my eikaiwas. I played for 2 hours last night, but my posture was off somehow and my back was sore from last night through this morning, until I took some Advil for it.

Everything just feels cluttered, and I’m worried someone’s going to be left behind because of all the mess in my mind that I have to wade through. I’ll try my hardest to pull it all off–never before has the holiday season felt quite so muddled.

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