Freaking kerosene

I started feeling sick around lunchtime today, and had a pretty bad headache as well. I was also inexplicably exhausted to the point that I accidentally dozed off for 20 minutes at my desk! (Not that I’m the first teacher to ever do that, and I certainly won’t be the last.) I ducked out of work right at 4:15, almost convinced I’d have to take a day of sick leave tomorrow…and now I’m home and I feel quite a bit better.

It’s the kerosene. It has to be. I felt especially out of it when I had to wander around the classrooms, each with a massive stove situated in the center of the room and churning out noxious fumes as well as heat, and my desk in the teachers’ room is right next to the stove there as well.

I told my JTE I would go in tomorrow to record some stuff for a listening test on Wednesday, because I wanted to leave on time today since I wasn’t feeling well. I’m still not totally better, so I’m probably just getting sick from being out in the cold this weekend as well, but man, work was kind of nightmarish today. I think I’m going to nap for an hour and see how I’m doing afterwards.

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