PASS: Post-Avatar Stress Syndrome

The Avatar season finale was astonishing, and the plot–and several main characters–went in directions I totally wasn’t expecting them to go. I’m kind of in a state of shock from it right now, but of course I won’t get into spoilers. We discussed it on and off for a while afterwards–some very major moves have been made, but it’s too early to tell what the ramifications will ultimately be, or how it’ll play out. That’s what we have 20 more episodes for!

This evening was rather mad, though. Really, the whole day was–I was going to take the train into the city, and left at the perfect time to catch it, but then realized as I was walking down the street that I’d forgotten something, so I ran back to my place, and by that time I would’ve had to sprint to make the train, so I ended up just driving today. (I actually raced the train for the first 20 minutes–I got a good headstart but it passed me at a red light and just kept on going.) I got to finally stop the Flintstones Restaurant for lunch–this place in Anabuki which has a facade that looks very much like a building from the Flintstones. It’s crazy–and the food was great. The inside was really cute, too.

We had our first musical “casting” session, and I may actually be in a part that has a lot of Japanese. I hope I can handle it…I think I can. Nothing’s decided, though–I want a part that has speaking, and I wouldn’t say no to singing, but no dancing for me. It definitely can’t be too big, with all the work I have ahead of me on the design stuff–Chris R. would ideally like a poster in just over a month, in time for the first rehearsals.

After that, I hung out with Joey and Chris P. who were at the meeting and got some shopping done (not nearly enough, though), and also ran into Victor (outside the station) and Geneva (while looking for nengajou stuff–we gushed over arts-and-crafts stuff on the 4th floor of Clement Plaza). I then headed out, and also caught the expressway back to make it on time…ugh, freaking tolls.

Anyway, after a kind of chaotic hour involving a lot of phone tag and preparing food (dinner for me, jasmine tea for the gathering–it came out very weak, unfortunately) and playing hostess to people (Julie, Brian, Kiet, Kam–the latter two drove an hour to come out here!) and the like, we finally settled down to watch and discuss. It was nice to have an informed, intelligent discussion about the show offline.

And now, it’s 10:50 PM and I have no lesson plan for tomorrow’s AM elementary school class and I can’t get Avatar out of my head. Great. Sleep? What’s that?

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