Weekend’s end

Made it with less than an hour to spare…

My place is a wreck. But my new kotatsu-buton cover is ready to go, and it looks awesome! (Too bad my table doesn’t match it at all, but oh well, it’s still gorgeous.) I’ll clean up after I warm up a bit under the kotatsu first. I’ve missed how cozy this feels.

So I crashed at Brian’s last night, after some awesome curry/basmati rice/papad and a fairly recent Bollywood flick which I fell asleep halfway through (but it wasn’t like I couldn’t predict the ending). We headed to Kamiyama today–the drive was gorgeous, by the way–and checked out Ariel Kontact.

The art was gorgeous! They all did a really great job. I really loved Chalice’s work, but I’m already a big fan of her paintings from what I’ve seen displayed in her apartment. Joe’s solitude/”missing the point” photography, Brian’s abstract mix of art and words, and Charlotte’s stunningly simplistic but striking paintings were really wonderful. By far the best exhibit, though, was that of one of the Artists in Residence–a series of small papier-mache houses with a lens/peephole on one side, with holes/slats cut through the roofs/walls, so that when you held the houses up to the light, you could see the insides, which were very intricate recreations of rooms and other imagery. I can’t even describe how awesome those were.

Ashley brought her parents down there as well, and so the three of them, Chalice, Joe, Brian, and I hung out for a bit, chatting and talking about the artwork. Brian and I finally took our leave, heading out before it got too dark, and we stopped by BookOff (where I scored yet another steeply discounted Yoroiden Samurai Troopers/Ronin Warriors CD! Suiko Den, this time) before having Sri Lankan for dinner. I love that place–the food is awesome, and the owner is just cool. I think the server working tonight was his wife, but I wasn’t sure…she was really cool and we talked for about 15 minutes after we finished dinner.

Okay, now I have to unearth myself from the warm delight of my kotatsu (it’s in the 40s outside–it’s getting steadily colder with each passing day) to clean up and get to sleep. I’m trying to keep louder music on so it doesn’t make me doze off preemptively. Have a good evening!

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